Whichever industry you work in, The Automated Technology Group can design, install, maintain and upgrade electronic control systems to keep your business running far into the future.

Our broad range of skills and experience allows us to reach the perfect automation solutions for our clients.

Project management
You’re in safe hands with our dedicated team of skilled project managers. From initial concept to project completion, they control every last detail with confidence and precision.

Low voltage control design
Discover how our bespoke solutions and design intelligence in low voltage controls can help your business achieve a competitive advantage.

Control panels
Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, our assembly teams produce high quality control panels for a diverse range of applications.

Safety systems
We take safety seriously, adhering to the highest industry standards in everything we do – from the processes we follow when installing your systems, to the training we give our people.

Drive and servo systems
We help you achieve optimum control and efficiency for your business with a range of bespoke systems.

PLC software solutions
A software system is the ‘brains’ behind any powerful operation, helping you achieve precision and efficiency.

An important part of any project, simulation by our dedicated and skilled team can help reduce set-up time on site by up to 75%.

SCADA and MIS systems
Whatever your industry, The Automated Technology Group brings you intelligent systems to monitor the performance of your business.