Control panels

Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, our assembly teams produce high quality control panels for a diverse range of applications.

The Automated Technology Group provides electrical control systems for a wide range of national and international clients. Along with control panel assembly, our skilled personnel also produce robotic cell control panels and automated manufacturing systems

Our modular assembly process and methodology can be flexed depending on the volume and scope of your requirements. Quality and speed are key for every project we carry out: we are committed to delivering singular build or multi-batch projects on time and within budget, regardless of design origin. Of course, we adhere to the full spectrum of relevant standards for control panels.

Everything we produce is rigorously tested for functionality, workmanship and adherence to both build standards and customer specifications.

With a culture of continuous improvement driven by Lean Manufacturing and Kaizen techniques and enriched by an active Panel Shop Forum that empowers and encourages personal growth, our manufacturing methods and processes are continually evolving to meet the changing needs of our ever-growing customer base.