The Automated Technology Group is a dynamic and friendly organisation in which commitment and ingenuity are recognised and rewarded. We encourage our engineers to thrive in their chosen specialisms and our culture of innovation means that training is a key area of focus. We create an environment in which people are motivated to enhance their skills and knowledge and apply them in new and exciting ways.

The Academy
Discovering new talent is very important to us and we welcome some of the UK’s brightest sparks into our engineering apprenticeship scheme – The Academy – each year.

Our graduate programme is designed to give candidates with a relevant degree the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals in the engineering sector.
Discover details of our current vacancies as well as the qualifications, skills and personal qualities you will need to fulfil each role.

Recruitment agencies

Please note that The Automated Technology Group employs an internal recruitment team that handles the majority of its employment needs. Due to skills shortages, we recognise that occasional assistance may be required and we therefore have a strict PSL that we do not operate outside. The PSL is now set for this year; however, if you are interested in engaging with the group in the future, please use the form on the CONTACT page to get in touch.

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