With intelligent monitoring systems designed for every level of your business, The Automated Technology Group gives you the power make your operations safer and smoother, boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

Medium voltage distribution switchgear
With complete ranges of both fully withdrawable and fixed vacuum circuit breakers available, we are able to offer the ideal solution for our clients.

Medium voltage motor control centres
Our considerable design experience is incorporated into our versatile medium voltage motor control centres.

Medium voltage metering and termination panels
With a full range of specialist metering and terminal boxes, our solutions can satisfy most power applications.

Medium voltage local isolation panels
Local isolation units are available in many configurations to ensure safe switching off of machinery without access to the switchroom.

Medium and low voltage refurbishments and extensions
Our in-depth knowledge, experience and site work capability enable us to undertake both simple and complex upgrades, refurbishments or extensions.

Neutral earthing resistor panels
We provide these speciality products with switched connections for multi-generator solutions and with both isolator and contactor systems available.

Turnkey package solutions
When clients come to The Automated Technology Group for a bespoke solution, our dedicated team of engineers will create the best possible system, tailored to the specific needs of the business.

Containerised substations
Our containerised and portable solutions provide exceptional quality and reliability for high-current load centres in a variety of industry sectors.

Low voltage distribution switchgear
Our low voltage switchboards are designed and constructed to achieve the highest standards of technical performance with the lowest possible operational costs.

Low voltage motor control centres
The Automated Technology Group is experienced in the successful implementation of low voltage motor control centres in a wide range of industries.

Integration and network control
Our team has considerable expertise in the integration and control of mechanical, electrical, process and instrumentation components to ensure a seamless and reliable network.

Control panels
Driven by a culture of continuous improvement, our assembly teams produce high quality control panels for a diverse range of applications.