The Automated Technology Group’s low voltage switchboards are designed and constructed to achieve the highest standards of technical performance combined with the lowest possible operational costs.

Our low voltage switchboards are designed to be IEC 61439-compliant, type tested switchgear systems, giving you total peace of mind.


  • Front or rear access busbar systems that enable thermographic imaging to be utilised as required
  • Type tested PSC assemblies are available, certified for short circuit and meeting strength and temperature limitations in accordance with IEC 61439-2:2009
  • Naturally cooled, type tested ACB cubicles to 6300A that are constructed to Form 4B with top, bottom, front or rear cable access
  • High-density component stacking within temperature rise limitations
  • Top- or bottom-mounting main busbar system with arc pressure ventilation system and easy access to front- or rear-mounting secondary branch risers
  • Type tested insulated busbar systems are available, as well as 100% neutral busbar options
  • Accommodation of fixed or withdrawable ACBs, MCCBs, fuse-switches and integrated PFC
  • Modular construction with in-line, back-to-back, L- or U-shaped configurations
  • 3D modelling ensures optimum layouts for both apparatus and cables


  • Busbar system current rating 800A to 7300A
  • Busbar system short circuit rating 50kA to 150kA/1s
  • Internal arcing protection IEC 61641 Up to 100kA rms 0.3s
  • Construction separation to IEC-61439-2, up to Form 4B
  • Voltage ratings 400V/690V
  • Shock withstand index IK up to 10
  • Ingress protection IP31, IP42 or IP54
  • Cable access at top, bottom, front or rear
  • Panels in all RAL or BS colours