Our local isolation units provide the means by which operators, who may not be electrical personnel, can safely switch off and isolate a machine without access to the switchroom.

The local isolation unit (LIU) is local to the machine and operator so the operator is in full control of the isolation, whether padlocks are used or not.

LIUs are available for any combination of the following:

  • 3300 Volts, 6600 Volts or 11000 Volts
  • Frame, wall or floor fixing
  • Up to 630A full load current
  • Optional circuit earth (with substantial interlock)
  • IP55 or weatherproof
  • Segregated LV compartment with early make/break auxiliary switch
  • Stall current switching up to 1500A at 0.25 power factor
  • CR4 or stainless steel enclosure
  • PFCC can be incorporated (3.3kV & 6.6kV)