The Automated Technology Group has considerable expertise in robotic solutions for production and distribution environments.

Our highly experienced team is able to design, test, commission and support robotic cells in a variety of applications. Our know-how covers the entire process – from design and simulation to offline programming, commissioning and then service.

Using advanced software such as Robcad Tecnomatix and Process Simulate, our robotics experts are able to design, simulate, optimise, analyse and programme offline the multi-device robotic systems used in automated manufacturing and distribution environments. These are scalable solutions that fully integrate core technologies for a wide range of applications.

Our robotics know-how allows automation concepts to be fully proven in terms of feasibility and performance before investment. The benefits to the client are reduced manufacturing costs, improved production quality, the eradication of costly design errors and accelerated time-to-market.

The sophisticated software generates a virtual model of a factory or handling system prior to installation, allowing our PLC and robot programmers to generate high-quality, right-first-time control software. We are able to work with robots from a range of manufacturers and the robot paths, once programmed virtually in 3D, can be downloaded directly into the robots on site, drastically reducing programming times.

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