09 Oct 2021

As the above-mentioned fact shows, the LLP agreement is an absolute necessity for the creation of LLP. The LLP act must not be printed on standard paper; Otherwise, the Authority will cancel the application. Instead, the applicant must opt for out-of-court stamp paper in order to be used for this purpose. Once these conditions are over, don`t forget to get an extrajudicial stamp on the agreement. Stamp duty varies from one State to another and depends on the capital contribution of its partner. The table above would help to access the stamp rate of different states. Please contact CorpBiz experts for technical advice on stamp duty on the LLP agreement. List of stamp duty by state and capital deposit Thus, stamp duty on an LLP agreement depends on the state in which it is registered and the amount of the capital contribution. It can be paid in two ways, by buying extrajudicial stamp paper or by francizing the bank`s contract. The agreement must be submitted to the MCA within 30 days of its creation. MCA charges a fee for late filing of paragraph 100/ – per day for filing an agreement after the due date. LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT or LLP AGREEMENT means any written agreement between Need Help: Well, as you may have noticed, the stamp duty on the LLP agreement is not uniform and varies from state to state. Although it is mainly based on the capital of LLP, few states apply a flat rate of stamp duty, such as Karnataka.

You can inform us of the applicability of stamp duty by sending an email to help@setindiabiz.com or by speaking with our support managers. The bank will check whether the concluded agreement has been deposited or not, if the LLP agreement has been approved by the ROC bank, it can not refuse the opening of a bank account. The final step in online LLP registration is to enter into an agreement and submit it to MCA. An agreement must be submitted within 30 days of creation. An LLP agreement is a written contract between all the partners of an LLP. An agreement must appear on the stamp paper and be notarized. Stamp duty is a matter of state. Each State has a different stamp duty law and there is no fixed rate at which stamp duty is levied; The rate of stamp duty differs from one State to another. In addition, the stamp duty is also modified with the amount of capital contributed to the LLP. .