13 Oct 2021

The USEF entry agreement is mandatory for entries in all exhibitions recognized by the USEF. To complete your entry, it must be sent by e-mail or uploaded with signatures and an emergency contact number: USEF ENTRY AGREEMENT Note: This is considered two shows – fill in an entry field for each day (show). If you perform in both shows, you pay the USEF office and drug/administrative fees as well as all other applicable USEF and USDF taxes (non-member, discipline, etc.) for each empty entry. Each participant is responsible for making available to the management, before the day or days of the contest, the exact numbers (USDF and USEF) for the horse, owner, rider and trainer. Please do not send entries with a signature required at the reception. An additional fee is charged for applications with signature. Recognition of the United States Federation of Equestrian Recognition The United States Dressage Federation Visit the contest/show website, to download documents Judge(s) Lauren Annett, r Heidi Berry, RDI 3* Janet (Dolly) Hannon, S Maureen John, r Technical Delegate/Steward JEAN KRAUS, MO, R (573) 220-2050 Braider:ALYSSA MILANO 781-439-2056 MILANO. AK90@GMAIL.COM Visit Adobe.Com to download a free copy of Adobe Reader (required to open documents on this page) The number of competitors who do not give the correct numbers may not be charged to national rewards. Get the latest updates, by subscribing ShowSecretary.com updates Manager KATHY GRISOLIA (631) 338-6340 kgrisolia@aol.com Show Secretary SUSAN PEACOCK 837 GLENLAKE DRIVE EDMOND OK 73013 (405) 760-0135 susan@showsecretary.com At this time we are closing the show offices for the public due to COVID-19 concerns, But the staff will be happy to continue to help you by mail, Email and phone calls….