14 Oct 2021

LAAD is a leading event in Latin America and security that brings together international and national companies that provide technology, equipment and services to the armed forces, special forces, police, homeland security and security managers of large companies, service concessionaires and critical infrastructure. FOREIGN AFFAIRS AND TRADE AND INDUSTRY PORTFOLIO COMMITTEES: JOINT MEETING OF 8 SEPTEMBER 2004 TRILATERAL COOPERATION FORUM INDIA, BRAZIL AND SOUTH AFRICA; SUGAR INDUSTRY AND FREE TRADE AGREEMENT: BRIEFING Chairman: MR. A Martens (ANC) Documents distributed: IBSA: India Brazil and South Africa Trilateral Cooperation Forum Brasilia Declaration DTI with India and Brazil in the framework of the Brasilia Declaration Presentation of the Candy and Chocolate Manufacturers Association SUMMARY The committees were informed of the Trilateral Cooperation Forum (IBSA) in India, in Brazil and South Africa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has compiled information on the establishment of the IBSA, the content of the declaration and what has been achieved. A proposed seminar on economic development with social justice would probably be held in Brazil. An IBSA fund has been established to fight poverty and hunger. The Ministry of Trade and Industry explained how this department participated in the ongoing interaction with India and Brazil to demonstrate its component of the declaration. The committees also heard a presentation by the Sweets and Chocolates Manufacturers Association (SACMA) on the fate and reasons for the fate of manufacturers in South Africa. Recommendations were made to committees to mitigate the problem. The Deputy Foreign Minister briefed the committees on the preparations for the reception of the Pan-African Parliament in Gauteng.

This would be the second meeting to open on 16 September. She explained what was being done to create a semi-permanent structure in which Parliament would reside for the next five years. MINUTES Trilateral Forum for Cooperation between India, Brazil and South Africa, Dr. Anil Sooklal commented that despite the appearance that there are few ties between the three countries, the opposite is true. President Mbeki had proposed in 2001 the formation of a bloc of countries of the South, all of which had similar political and economic agendas. This idea was not necessarily a reaction to the G8, although this group also supports development in the North, but also participates and sets the development agenda in the South. Increasingly, leaders of the South felt that the G8 should not represent the South. This suggestion that like-minded countries of the South should unite has been derailed by the events of 11 September, the consequences of which have been profound. The India-South Africa Trilateral Forum (IBSA) was established with the Brasilia Declaration in June 2003, with the blessing of every head of state in the country after consultations among the foreign ministers of those countries.

The forum discussed how countries could work together on common issues. Sooklal said India, Brazil and South Africa share common challenges, similar development needs and struggles against poverty and hunger. All three countries were leaders in their respective regions and had vibrant democracies. He said that this trilateral forum would give each member access to massive markets. South Africa was the gateway to sub-Saharan Africa, Brazil with its sixth largest population in the world and India with the second largest population in the world. .