15 Oct 2021

Landowners should be careful that the benefits of the transportation agreement may be lost. Is there a risk that the organizer will immediately sell at a profit on the website? Once a buyer is secured, the landowner is required to sell. Once completed, the organizer will receive a fee, which is usually a percentage of the net proceeds of sales after deduction of promotional costs. If the landowner is to retain land, whether for his own use or for future sales, what rights should be retained in the land sold to protect the future use and development of the land obtained so that it is not “sterilized”? A transportation agreement is an agreement that a landowner has entered into with a planning specialist to promote the landowner`s land throughout the planning process in order to obtain a building permit. Some developers may request that an option or right of first refusal be included in the promotion agreement so that they have the opportunity to purchase the property themselves once the planning is in place. After deciding to follow the path of a transportation agreement, what should the landowner think about? An option agreement is an agreement between two parties, usually a developer and a landowner, with the developer having the option to purchase land from the landowner, usually once certain conditions are met. As part of a potential development, a developer may acquire the land in question once the property has received a building permit at an agreed price. .